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Ramen by You Includes: 


  • 1⁄2 seasoned soft-boiled egg

  • Shredded cloud ear mushroom

  • Dried nori (seaweed)

  • Chopped scallions

  • Naruto (japanese fishcake)

Choice of Ramen Noodle


  •  Medium Waved Noodle

  •  Thick Waved Noodle


  •  Gluten Free Noodle 

  • Kale Noodle

Choice of Broth


  • A rich creamy broth made from pork bones​

Spicy Miso:

  • A warm, comforting broth made from dashi and miso (spice level 0-3)​


  • Lightest broth with house chicken stock


  • 100% vegetarian broth (water-based and kelp seasoning)


  1. Chashu (roasted pork belly, 2 pcs

  2. Tendon 

  3. Beef Stew 

  4. Quail Eggs (5 eggs) 

  5. Seasoned Soft-Boiled Egg 

  6. Mussels (4 pcs

  7. Grilled Chicken 

  8. Tenderloin Sautéed Onion/Garlic 

  9. Fish Tofu 

  10. Fried Tofu 

  11. Fresh Tofu 

  12. Steamed Tiger Prawns (3 pcs)  

  13. Spicy Minced Pork w/Garlic 

  14. Naruto (japanese fishcake, 5 pcs) 

  15. Beef Meatball (6 pcs)  


  1. Bean Sprouts 

  2. Green Beans 

  3. Baby Spinach 

  4. Menma (marinated bamboo)

  5. Green Cabbage 

  6. Baby Bok Choy 

  7. Baby Corn 

  8. Sweet Corn 

  9. Napa Cabbage 

  10. Broccoli

  11. Shimeji (button mushroom)

  12. Enoki (needle mushroom

1. Yellow Curry with Bone-in Chicken Thigh Ramen 

Thick-waved ramen in a rich coconut milk and yellow curry broth. topped with crispy thick-waved ramen, pickled mustard greens, red onion, dried red pepper, and scallions.

2. Braised Oxtail Ramen 

Oxtail, Tendon braised until tender with yellow onions, potatoes, carrots, goji berries, and celery served with medium waved ramen in spicy tonkotsu or five-spice shoyu.

3. Duck Stew Ramen 

Thick-waved ramen noodles served in five-spice shoyu soup with quarter duck (bone-in), baby spinach, bean sprouts, celery, and dry garlic.

4. Kaisen-Men 

Thick-waved ramen noodles tossed with assorted seafood, seasoned with mixed cajun spices garnished with bean sprouts, cloud ear mushrooms, and scallions. 

5. Tempura Udon 

Udon in house soup. Topped with 1/2 seasoned soft-boiled egg, naruto, shitake mushroom, carrots, broccoli, shredded dry seaweed, scallions and 3 shrimps tempura.



1. Garlic Soft Shell Crab 


2. Fried Oyster ( 5 pcs ) 


3. Grilled Squid 


4. Takoyaki (4 pcs)


5. Masa Hot Wings (6 pcs) 


6. Karaage (chicken or gizzard) 


7. Gyoza (5 pcs pork or vegetable) 


8. Agedashi Tofu 


9. Potatoes Croquettes (2pc)


10. Wakame Salad 

11. Salmon Poki Salad  


12. Edamame 


13. Sweet Potato Fries 


14. Shishito Peppers 


15. Fried Shimeji Mushrooms 


16. Tempura  

      - Shrimp (5 pcs) 

      - Green Bean 

      - Vegetable 

      - Mixed 


Served with your choice of side, White Rice, House Salad(Dine-In Only) and Miso Soup. Substitute Brown Rice for $1.

Choice of side.

 1. Gyoza Pork or Veggie (2)     2. Takoyaki (2)    3. Potatoes Croquettes (1)

1. Tonkatsu-Don  *** Add Japanese Curry for...$3***

Deep-fried breaded pork over shredded green cabbage. Served over steamed rice and katsu sauce. Vegetarian option substitutes croquettes (4 pcs).

2. Katsu-Don 

Soaked deep-fried breaded pork with tempura sauce and eggs.

3. Tempura–Don 

Three shrimp tempura served with assorted vegetables and Tempura sauce served on the side.

4. Unagi-Don 

Grilled eel glazed with soy and sake.

5. Teriyaki-Don ( chicken or salmon) 

Grilled and glazed with our house-made teriyaki sauce.

6. Saba Shio Don

Grilled Mackerel with salt.



1. Soda (coke, diet-coke, sprite, root beer, or sunkist) 

2. Ramune (melon, orange, strawberry, or original) 

3. Non-sweetened Iced Tea (lipton, green tea) 

4. Iced Matcha 

5. Hot Tea 

6. Lemonade (Cans)

7. San Pellegrino (mineral water) 

8. Apple Juice 

© 2019 by Masa Ramen Noodle Bar in San Jose, CA.

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